Circle City Selfie Station

You will be able to create instant fun as your group gathers around and takes #selfies together.

Guest will be able to upload their selfies straight to social media or even make prints as keepsakes of your special event. You think people love photo booths? Just wait till you see how much they love the Circle City Selfie Station! It will be sure to add a fun and interactive touch to you event. It is the perfect picture taker, ice breaker, and memory maker!

The Circle City Selfie Station takes high quality pictures using a professional camera, guests edit and personalize photos using the 32-inch vertical, interactive touchscreen, and finally send it to their favorite social media application.


Do you want to post your awesome photos to social media instantly so that all your friends can see them? With Circle City Selfies you can! Our photo booth allows you to post directly to social media instantly after you take the photo! You can even add your own special captions and #hashtags!

Do you want to send your selfie to yourself, family, or friends?! Lucky for you, Circle City Selfies makes this extremely easy! With our technology, you are able to text and email photos to you and others simply by inputting a photo number or email address after you take the photo! With Circle City Selfies, it will be easy to share a memory with a friend far away or toast to the newlyweds by sending them a special text!

At Circle City Selfies we offer you to print your photos with the industry’s bed and super-fast dye-sub printer. You can have your own 4x6 photo in seconds! For all of our packages, you receive a USB drive with all your fabulous photos from the event! There is now no need to ask everyone to send you their photos!

Features of the Circle City Selfie Station


Your friendly Selfie Station attendant keeps the smiles rolling and the photos flowing.



A high quality printer allows guests to take home an old school 4×6 snapshot in a flash.



Oh, filters, we love you so. We have color, black & white, sepia, cartoon, sketch, Warhol, night vision, thermography, pixel art, comic book, mosaic and cross process. Play with the filters until you find the perfect one for your photo.



Take the fun up a notch with mad props. Perfect for breaking the ice and bringing out your guests’ silly sides. Our prop kit includes hats, goofy glasses, boas, tiaras and more.



Snap, snap, snap. We’ll take three pictures to animate, so your special day comes to life.



Your photo booth becomes a lead collection center. Walk away from your event with photos and prospects.


Guests can share photos via Facebook and Twitter. You can add custom hashtags and captions.



Guests can text the picture to themselves for easy sharing from their smartphone.



Stand on an elephant, balance on the tip of the Eiffel Tower or swim with sharks. With our green screen, your imagination is your only limitation.




Enable video messaging so your guests can record 10-second toasts or product endorsements.




Ever wish you had a slo-mo button when you’re having a great time? Now, you do.



Scribble, doodle and draw on your photos with colored light.


Guests can send themselves their photos right from Selfie Station.



You can add your logo or special message on the Selfie Station and all your photos.



We have a wide array of backdrops from which to choose or we can make a custom backdrop for you.




Enjoy your photo fun again and again with an online gallery for your event.




Create a custom frame for photos from your special event or let us do it for you.


premium lighting

Be ready to shine! Your photos will be A+ quality with our premium lighting.


The owners of Circle City Selfies, Ross and David

The owners of Circle City Selfies, Ross and David

Meet Ross and David. They are the proud owners of Circle City Selfies and are very excited about being the first to offer this one-of-a-kind photo booth in the Indianapolis market! Ross and David live in Downtown Indianapolis with their two adorable pups, Kiki and Hendrix.

With both of them being passionate about the event industry and providing superb customer service, they are the perfect team!


Meg Gross, Graphic Designer

Meg Gross, Graphic Designer

Say hello to Meg. While she lives and works in Chicago as a graphic designer, she's unbelievably happy to be part of Ross and David's team. Bringing marketing and design experience to each CCS event, yours is sure to be amazing!